It’s Friday night. #nyc #vscocam #iphone5 #nyctaxi (at Times Square NYC)

It’s Friday night. #nyc #vscocam #iphone5 #nyctaxi (at Times Square NYC)


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#TheMet #nyc #museum #iphone5 #vscocam  (at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

#TheMet #nyc #museum #iphone5 #vscocam (at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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#nyc #manhattan #notdumbo #grandcentral #chryslerbuilding (at Grand Central Terminal)

#nyc #manhattan #notdumbo #grandcentral #chryslerbuilding (at Grand Central Terminal)

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#nofilter #novsco (at DUMBO)

#nofilter #novsco (at DUMBO)

A4C - Child Care Center from Animation for a Cause on Vimeo.

Made in collaboration with Fundación Ofakim, DIF Morelos and the Child Care Center to create awareness and as a fundraising tool for the construction of a new home for teenagers that have been victims of abuse, abandonment or exploitation.
For more information visit:



DESIGN & ANIMATION: Sebas and Clim |

MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Alejandro Candela |

SCRIPT: Linda Bucay

NARRATION: Matisse O’Brian

SPECIAL THANKS: Adriana Pavolini & Fundación Ofakim

Ocean on fire shot on Digital Bolex D16 from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

A short little piece shot duing a particularly stunning sunset on the beach at Miami Beach on Ocean Drive.

This was just going to be some additional footage for my almost done review of the camera, I needed some more tripod footage, but the sky was so stunning it deserved it’s own little edit even if there weren’t that many shots in it! I did do about 10 versions of that VERY long pan, but of course you can only put one in and I liked this one as it had the girl jogger adding motivation to it.

Lenses were the Zeiss ZF 100mm Macro for all the telephoto stuff (equivalent to 300mm field of view with the Super 16mm sensor), the wonderful as always Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Nikon mount and one lone C-Mount lens. The very cheap CCTV lens, Computar 8.5mm. This did vignette a bit so i had to crop in about 10%

Music is courtesy of The Music Bed.
A New Normal “Stones and Shadows”

Initial colour correction in Davinci Resolve 10.1 on my new MacPro which is set up in my hotel room in my attempt to see if you can travel with this computer! All I can say is it ate up the footage in Davinci and Premiere like it was a fly. Lovely!!

Graded with FilmConvert within Premiere CC. 10% off with code bloom at

#nyc #dumbo #brooklynbridge #iphone5 #vscocam #vscogrid (at DUMBO)

#nyc #dumbo #brooklynbridge #iphone5 #vscocam #vscogrid (at DUMBO)

We Love Lenses from on Vimeo.

At, we love lenses.